A Planter Box Adds A Boost To Your Outdoor Decor

Looking for a way to add a burst of color to your outdoor decor? Don’t have the room for a larger garden?

A planter box may be a great way to add color and style to your outside entertainment area. Planter boxes can be purchased at any store with a garden supply area, or by shopping online.

Cedar is an ideal material for use in the construction of planter boxes. Cedar is a stable and lightweight wood. It stays straight and lies flat, helping it resist cracking and splintering. Western Red Cedar, which is frequently used in the manufacture of outdoor spaces, is also great for planter boxes. A cedar planter box resists decay and rot, since the wood contains natural oils and preservatives. The aroma of cedar, which is usually pleasing to people, is offensive to most insects, moths and other critters.

A cedar planter box is available in many styles and sizes. You can find a cedar planter box is a traditional, contemporary or country design. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a small cedar planter box (perfecting for growing a few herbs for your kitchen) or a large cedar planter box, which opens up endless possibilities. If flowers are not your thing, you can use your cedar planter box for plants, bushes, vegetables, and just about anything else you would like to grow.

Cedar is easy to stain or paint, although natural cedar is attractive and durable. If you decide to paint your cedar planter box, it will likely need to be repainted in five to ten years. Its ability to readily accept most paints and stains means that you can decorate your cedar planter box to match the color scheme of your home or outdoor area.

Planter boxes are also manufactured with cypress, redwood, teak, plastic or other materials. If you plan to purchase a large quantity of planter boxes, or want a no-maintenance material, you may prefer plastic planter boxes. Ceramic planter boxes are also becoming popular with today’s consumer.

Cypress is similar to cedar. It comes from the same family of tree as cedar and is more commonly found in the southern United States. Cypress is also fairly resistant to pests and is a good choice for outdoor use.

Teak is sometimes used in the production of planter boxes. Teak is an exotic wood that is imported to the United States from Malaysia or other areas. Teak is now being grown and harvested for commercial use in Panama. Teak offers beauty, durability and weather resistance. Due to its lack of availability, teak planter boxes can sometimes be priced higher than boxes made with other materials. Cedar and cypress are usually competitively priced for the quality delivered.

Whatever type of planter box you decide to buy, don’t be afraid to try new ideas with it. You can always change what you put in the planter box to suit the season, your mood, or your decor. Try planting annual flowers during the spring and summer and perhaps switch to some small evergreens for the fall and winter seasons.

Happy planting!

Todd Arend is a freelance writing professional whose expertise covers a variety of areas, including patio and backyard furniture, landscaping and design. He regularly writes about Cedar Planter Boxes and Outdoor Furniture.

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