A Look At Kitchen Design; Worktops, Appliances And Cupboards

The kitchen is often considered the most important room in the house, redesigning a kitchen requires a lot of thought and effort to create the ideal space. Before visiting a supplier and considering replacing all of the worktops and cupboards there are certain considerations that should be factored in. As a room that contains many essential appliances, use of space should be a major concern.

With so many kitchen suppliers out there offering deals on worktops, cupboards, appliances and lighting solutions it is important to shop around. Getting as many quotes as possible is vital to ensure you find the best price and the most productive work schedule. Remember having a new kitchen fitted can be a stressful experience, thorough planning will help reduce this stress.

One catchphrase that is often bandied about in kitchen design circles is the ‘golden triangle.’ However technical it sounds it primarily refers to the fact that the majority of appliances should be located close to each other with worktops in between. This is a vital component of the kitchen design process as efficiency of use is always the most desirable outcome. Put simply it will make cooking less stressful and more enjoyable.

This triangle theory to kitchen design does however have a problem. It is in no way generic as people use their kitchens differently and rank the importance of certain appliances and worktops in their own way. Some would put the oven, fridge and sink as the most important while others may choose a dishwasher, microwave and washing machine as vital components of their triangle. Whatever the choice, the top three should be used as the anchor points of the kitchen triangle.

A side note to the triangle is the aesthetic pleasure that a kitchen should provide. The choice of worktops, cupboards and decor are a vital component of this and unsurprisingly the choices are limitless. Worktops come in softwood and hardwood, all with a specific varnish. Hardy materials such as granite and marble make great kitchen worktops and stunning design features. Increasingly contemporary kitchen design has started using industrial materials such as stainless steel for the truly post modernist look.

Storage should always be a major concern in kitchen design; it is easy to have too little or too much storage space. If you have too little an easy remedy is utilise a suspended rack that you could use to stow pots and pans without taking up space in the cupboards or on worktops.

Strangely it is possible to have too much storage space in a kitchen; the amount of clutter you store away soon grows and storing the out of date food that fills cupboards can be seen as a fruitless task. Also the space used for extra cupboards can often be better utilised with a breakfast bar or extra appliances.

If you are pleased with the layout of your kitchen there is no reason to go for a complete re-haul. There are certain ways to revamp your space that will give your kitchen a new lease of life at a fraction of the price of a full redesign.

Re-painting can give a fresh new look, as can re-tiling certain areas. An extremely cost effective way to revamp a kitchen is to replace the cupboard door handles or even the doors. By refitting new worktops your kitchen can take on a completely new look as will updating the current appliances.

There are many ways to improve the look of your culinary area. As the hub of most houses getting the decoration right is of paramount importance, as utilising the correct layout ensures ease of use and efficiency. Although DIY may be an option, for a clean and tidy look using professional services is advisable; after all nobody wants ill fitting worktops. Great design is essential to facilitate the harmonious family life that the majority of people desire.

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