A Kitchen Remodel With a Purpose

Gone are the days of the kitchen serving as merely a workhorse for meal preparation and cleanup. Today’s kitchens are the multipurpose hubbub of the home. They’re the place where families enjoy meal togethers, engage in spirited conversation, plan their daily agendas and entertain guests. What’s that you’re saying? “My kitchen doesn’t serve all those purposes.”

Well then, maybe it’s time you entertained the idea of a kitchen remodel.
In a recent article, ARAcontent offered suggestions for homeowners on how “to make their kitchens work harder so they can re-focus their energy away from cooking and cleaning, and put it more on their family and friends who have gathered.” And who wouldn’t want a little more of that in their life? So what were some of their suggestions?

1. High-tech faucets and appliances – Look for faucet and appliance designs that make each day a little bit better. You want products that not only look good, reflect your taste and are trouble-free for years to come but that also fit into your family’s lifestyle. Attractive, powerful, quiet and easy to clean should be the adjectives that fill the bill when choosing appliances. Feeling overwhelmed? A kitchen remodeling supercenter can help you sort through the many options.

2. Expanded work surfaces ¬- Counter space is a must-have in a kitchen that’s going to play guest to several people at a time. A kitchen remodeling specialist can explain your options for custom countertop cut and installation, thereby affording you limitless design possibilities.

3. Carefully thought-through floor plans ¬- No cutting corners here; if you want to make sure your family members and guests aren’t bumping into each other at every turn, you need the advice of an expert. Once you’ve agreed upon a professionally designed kitchen layout, you’ll want to choose flooring that can endure all the traffic your remodeled kitchen will be subjected to. Durability, stain resistance and style should top your list of must-haves in kitchen flooring.

4. Multiple sinks and various water sources – With all those people enjoying your kitchen remodel, multiple water sources are a desirable perk. To increase efficiency and maximize the functionality of your kitchen remodel, consider a main sink, a second sink and a bar sink. The main sink should be large and deep to accommodate cleanup. Because the second sink will likely take on the functions of meal prep and hand-washing, you can go smaller here. Just make sure you position your second sink far enough away from the main one to avoid logjams. And to facilitate entertaining, you can’t go wrong with a separate bar sink. “While convenience and functionality have always been concerns, today’s homeowners also want to enhance the room’s ambiance and decor they’ve worked hard to achieve. Style can’t be sacrificed for function or convenience any more,” explained ARAcontent’s article expert.

To get the most out of your kitchen remodel, do yourself a favor. Consult with a kitchen remodel specialist that can provide kitchen remodeling ideas and links to manufacturers for high-quality cabinets, countertops, appliances and sinks. A specialist can equip you with the ideas, inspiration, choice, assistance and advice you need to get the most out of your new kitchen.

Carmen Fontana is a Web Services Manger for Western Reserve Internet Services. You can start planning your kitchen remodel using SuperKitchen‘s online kitchen planning guide.

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