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You don’t have to be stuck making meals in a kitchen that’s as dead as a door knob. Make your kitchen your own and lay it out so it works for you and not the other way around. Here are a few kitchen decorating ideas you can use to create a beautiful new space.

Making the kitchen your own is first and foremost your biggest priority. Don’t be so concerned with the latest trends but what makes you feel good. Comfort and function are vital in your kitchen. How else are you going to show off your cooking skills? Anything that suits your taste and style is great providing it also does what it is supposed to do. If you are going for the country look or the shabby chic look, add lots of baskets to put dry flowers, plants or fresh cut flowers in. A basket full of fruit also adds a nice look and provides a healthy walk by snack. For a sleek modern look aim for steel racks, stainless steel and all the decor should be predominantly clean lines.

Your kitchen cabinets should reflect the rest of the decor in the kitchen. Painting is an easy, inexpensive change or strip and varnish to match your kitchen’s interior. Even something as simple as changing the cabinet handles to something more modern can make a big difference. Changing just the front of the cabinets with interior recessed lighting really updates the look. Consider too, changing out your appliances if need be. Hanging pots and pans from racks on the ceiling can improve the flow of the kitchen as well. They add lots of interest to the kitchen and free up more cabinet space. A bit of beadboard in your kitchen can give you some architectural highlights without major remodeling. It’s almost done but not quite right. The next step then is to start on the flooring. Go from vinyl to hardwood, for warm ambiance or go with stone for the cozy old world feel.

It’s surprising how much the wrong flooring material can ruin the desired look and feel of a kitchen so take your time deciding. If the idea of being outside cooking is more your thing, consider an outdoor kitchen. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can also be an added bonus for your home with hours of fun for family and friends. Cleaning up is easier too. Just get the hose and spray. The animals and kids can have a blast being loud! If you need help with the design ideas of your outdoor kitchen, you can check out decorating magazines or certain home improvement stores. Outdoor kitchen’s can come with hefty price tags so be prepared for that. Shopping around is the key as is checking out what other people have and are using. Get some recommendations. You can learn allot by picking their brains and finding out what obstacles you might face with this project.

Purchase one thing at a time if your budget doesn’t allow for a once off installation. Start with something small such as the grill. Over time you can gradually collect all the components that will eventually make up your outdoor kitchen. To enhance your outdoor kitchen area you could add flowers or hanging lights to create a restaurant ambience. In no time at all you will have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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