A Garden Can Help You Sell Your Home

If you’re looking at a relatively easy way of making your home more attractive to today’s buyer, consider sprucing up that scraggly vegetable garden. With today’s rising food prices, concerns about the quality of imported produce and the desire for fresh-picked, ripe fruits and vegetables, a vegetable garden can be a real selling point in a down market, even for luxury homes.

Gardens are coming back in vogue as people try to cut back on food costs. Food prices can be significantly offset by a well-stocked garden, allowing the home owner to spend their food budget on more expensive/higher quality items that they could not afford otherwise. A vegetable garden can be dug and planted for pennies. Surplus produce can be sold or traded at local farmer’s markets. An already-dug and planted garden can make your potential buyers see your property as a money savings.

Imported produce comes with the problems of ripeness, freshness and cost. It’s likely to have been picked while green so that it can survive the trip to the supermarket. A home garden offers fresh fruits and vegetables that have been picked ripe off the plant. Some home buyers may even be concerned about the safety of imported produce, so you can play up the healthful lifestyle benefits of a garden.

Vegetable gardens are becoming a hot item for people with money to spend. Today, professionally planned vegetable gardens are becoming a selling point for well-to-do families. They are often referred to by the French term “potager”, meaning kitchen garden. Potagers are an exercise in beauty as well as utility. Paths, careful positioning of plants and decorative accents make these vegetable gardens into an ornamental retreat with the added charm of providing food for the dinner table.

More and more upscale homes are featuring potagers as out-of-door entertaining venues. These “edible showpieces” are becoming a new status symbol as homeowners invite their guests to tour elegant beds of various in-season vegetables and fruits and relax in arbors draped with grape vines. These gardens are also a selling point, as buyers are ever on the lookout for appealing “extras” when they are touring properties.

While many homeowners can’t afford the thousands of dollars that some people spend on their vegetable gardens, a garden that has been freshly weeded and planted with in-season plants can be a definite plus to the home’s sellability. For those with a little more money to spend, perhaps a certain sum can improve the aesthetics of the boring old kitchen garden and transform it into something a buyer will look twice at.

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