A Few Simple Steps To Recreate Your Home Decor With Vinyl Lettering

Whether you are considering redecorating your office, home, or business there is a good chance that decorative signs, clocks, and wall words can help you achieve the look you desire. Whether you want an elegant, professional, or fun look, you can achieve an expensive hand stenciled look without spending a fortune. How, you might ask? By utilizing vinyl wall lettering, often referred to as “wall words.” Wall lettering really is great for decorating any space in your home, and doesn’t have to be applied only to walls, but can be used to create great decor pieces such as decorative signs, or decorative tiles. However, it is wonderful, and is most commonly used to add words to walls. This is not only due to how beautiful a well placed quote can be, but because wall lettering doesn’t damage walls, and is less expensive and time intensive than painting – making it the perfect choice for those who rent, or have temporary office space.

People are often astonished at how versatile vinyl lettering can be in regards to home decor and interior design. In fact, there are so many uses for vinyl lettering in home decor that it would take us days, and over a hundred pages just to begin. However, for those who are new to the idea of using vinyl lettering for interior design and crafting, we have listed 5 of the most common ways you can use vinyl to achieve beautiful home decor and craft projects.

1. Inspire with words – You can create the atmosphere you want in any room with a custom quote on one of the walls. This is the most well known use of vinyl lettering in home decor, often referred to as “wall words.” A thoughtfully placed quote can soften the mood in a room, or invoke whatever emotion you seek. Don’t underestimate the power of words in your decor.

2. Make a Run for the Border – Another great way to use vinyl lettering is to use it as a border. Whether you choose a type lettering kit, such as flowers, vines, or shapes, or have a border made of words, one thing is for certain – the border will bring a certain charm to the room that you could have never imagined. Whether you put a border around the top of a Child’s room (using the words of a favorite children’s song), or put a grape vine border around the chair rail in the dining room, your border is sure to be a hit.

3. Mark Your Territory – If you’ve ever attended a BBQ with friends and family, and lost that special baking dish you loved, then you know how important it is to label things. Many people defile their glass baking dishes by resorting to a “Sharpie” permanent marker to label their dishes. However, few consider that you can use vinyl lettering as a stencil, and some inexpensive glass etching cream, to etch a permanent, and beautiful label on any glass baking dish. Not only will people know who the dish belongs to, but they’ll think you must have spent a fortune (Shhh, it’s our secret). Etched baking dishes also make a great wedding gift for the couple just starting out.

4. Signs & Banners – While vinyl lettering is great for home decor inside the home, it can also be used to create banners and signs as well. You can order vinyl banners online, and add vinyl lettering to them to create a very nice banner. We did this for our son’s baseball team after they won the state championship. You should have seen my son’s face to come back from the state tournament to a congratulatory banner hanging in the front yard (I think he still has it hanging in his room). Also, we’ve used vinyl lettering to create nice garage sale signs on foam board. They’re durable, don’t get blown away like poster board does, and stand up to the elements. As you can see, what you can achieve with vinyl lettering is only limited by your own creativity.

5. Give Them Something To Look At – Another great use for vinyl lettering in home decor is by using wall lettering to accent a photo wall. Few things break up a cluster of photos, and draw the eye to them as does a beautiful quote about family, friends, etc. Most manufacturers have pre-designed quotes specifically intended for this purpose, but you can always get creative and design your own. The only limit to what you can do with vinyl lettering is that imposed by your own creativity.

Of course, these are only a few of the ways you can utilize vinyl lettering in decorating your home or office. However, these ideas will hopefully jump-start your imagination and get you considering all of the many ways you can use vinyl lettering in your home decor.

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