A Fall Theme Wedding With Unique Ideas

Many couples choose a fall theme wedding because of the cool air, magnificent colors and outstanding autumn atmosphere. Both elegant and memorable, autumn theme weddings can feature a variety of unique ideas.

Incorporate the deep hues of brown, red, orange, bronze, gold and beige into every aspect of your fall wedding. A romantic, sophisticated or rustic mood can be created using this warm fall colors. You also have the options of selecting gown in a variety of colors with either long or short sleeves.

Autumn flowers add to the mood of your fall wedding. Include favorites such as dahlias, spider mums, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, heather, wheat and sprigs of berries in your bouquets and on the tables. Decorate with colorful garland and include vanilla scented candles or potpourri at each table.

Decorating in bronze add to the elegance of your fall theme wedding. Both bronze and copper are ideal metallic accents for fall weddings, inspiring thoughts of copper kettles, fireplace decor and frolicking in fall leaves. Fill small bronze colored buckets with potpourri as favors for your guests.

Fill copper kettles with dried fall flowers as centerpieces for your tables. Scatter silk fall leaves around your guest book table for an authentic autumn feel.

A Halloween fall theme wedding is another exciting idea. You can use a simple Halloween theme by using mini jack-o-lanterns on the tables and pumpkin scented tea lights. Decorate your wedding cake with orange, yellow and brown. If you prefer a full-fledged Halloween theme, invite all your guests to come in costume.

This is a great way to include the kids in your wedding day. Bob for apples and give out trick or treat bags filled with gourmet jellybeans and prestige chocolates as wedding favors.

A traditional harvest theme is also a great way to celebrate your fall nuptials. Instead of having the wedding in a garden, park or backyard, rent a barn. Decorate with fall flowers, pumpkins, hay and black-eyed Susan. Get a square dance caller and give out cowboy hats to all your guests.

Combine a western theme with your fall favors for a fun-loving wedding day nobody will forget.

A fall theme wedding uses a variety of unique ideas, colors and accents. Thanks to Mother Nature, you have all the beauty you need for your wedding day by simply using the awesome autumn atmosphere.

The most basic, as well as most essential task that the couple would have to decide on is the color schemes that would dominate their wedding. By deciding on the colors, the theme of their wedding could also be determined. Normally, couples have two choices: either to go with Summer in Autumn Theme or to adopt the Winter in Autumn Theme.

For the couples who wish to create anticipations for spring and summer, the perfect colors for their autumn wedding would be red, orange, bold blue and yellow. These warm colors would surely remind their guests of the soothing heat of the sun, the pretty flowers as well as the excitements that these two seasons would bring.

However, for those who want to have quieter, more formal reception, they could choose the Winter in Autumn Theme and play around with the colors bronze, burnt orange, darker yellow and olive green to produce an exclusive and elegant effect on their wedding.

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