A Classier House With Glass Figurines

Now what would you do if there was one set of art deco that can be used for any architectural theme.

When I was first introduced to this particular art, I was ready to kill to have my hands on them, because after buying these art objects, I did not have to worry about what I am going to do with my art deco stuff. Should I just throw them? Sell them in a flea market? Or should I open a garage sale? Don’t be confused I will tell you what these art objects are that adorn the walls and shelves of my house. If I was given a chance I would have addressed them with a more romantic name, but they are just simple known as “GLASS COMPOSITIONS”!

What are these Glass Compositions?

Glass compositions are glass figurines that are joined to convey a particular meaning or a theme. Such compositions could also have regular figurines of animals, birds, insects, fishes and even flowers and abstract ideas. Such figurines are as beautiful as diamonds yet not as expensive as those.

Glass Compositions come in pastel shades and also in vibrant colors. You can also find dark colored figurines that seem to capture light better.


Glass compositions can never be singular rather they have to be a collection of figurines that convey a particular idea. Glass compositions, according to me, are modern Van Gogh that is less abstract in shape but highly abstract in idea. In simple words, these compositions convey the meaning that you perceive.

A mare and foal glass composition would probably convey one meaning to me, whilst it conveys another to you. Same would be two herons in a reed.  I would look at such a figurine and state that it conveys tranquility but for you, it could mean longevity.

Being so abstract in the conveyed meaning, glass compositions make the best gifts on any given occasion. If you want the receiver of the gift to see the same meaning that you did then you can leave a note with the gift, stating what the figurine means to you.


The pricing of glass figurines is not that very high. It starts at $2.8 depending on the kind of animal or bird that you are looking for. But a glass composition is in all sense a Van Gogh in the field of glass art. The price range starts at $79 and goes till about $89 and above depending on the kind of composition you are looking for and also the intricate details involved.

I love butterflies and I decided to make my home decor with such compositions and in just one month, my house is a sanctuary to over 100 butterfly glass compositions that are turning to become my neighbors’ envy.

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