999 Money Opportunities: 25-32

25. Set up a party plan business which sells gardening equipment and supplies. You might, for example, hold the parties in gardens during the afternoons. Once you have developed a successful presentation and range of products, increase the size of your business by recruiting agents.

26. Start a crafts business which uses interesting foreign coins to make jewellery. Incorporate coins into pendant bracelet, brooches, necklaces and earrings. Alternatively, make jewellery which features reproduction coins from the ancient world.

27. Provide a sales service for oil-painters. Sell the work of artists by finding outlets and take a commission on all sales. Outlets might include: antiques shops, gift shops, private art exhibitions, overseas shops, etc.

28. Learn the art of calligraphy. When you become a skilled calligrapher earn money from teaching others in your own home or at evening class.

29. Compile and publish a year-book or ‘Yellow Pages’ type directory for those who want to start a business. In the directory list, for example: sources of finance, small business advisers, franchise companies, etc. Also sell advertising space to business opportunities promoters.

30. Produce a correspondence course about cartooning. Pay a skilled cartoonist to devise the course.

31. Manufacture marbles draughts sets. Instead of a checker board there is a wooden board with 64 round holes. The holes become the squares of the draught board and the marbles sit in them. Each side has marbles of a different colour and some extra colours to use as ‘kings’.

32. Organize weekend courses for DIY enthusiasts. Provide students with practical tuition about various popular DIY projects. Advertise in DIY magazines.

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