9 Of The Fastest Growing Veggies You Can Harvest In No Time

9 Of The Fastest Growing Veggies You Can Harvest In No Time

Not all vegetables take from spring from fall to mature. If you’re getting a late start on your home garden or live in a region with a short growing season, fear not. There are many healthy, delicious vegetables that are quick to harvest. Here are the 9 fastest growing vegetables to get your garden jumpstarted.

1.Garden Cress – 14 Days
Ready to harvest in as little as 2-weeks, garden cress can be planted in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Also a garden space-saver, a small (1 or 2 feet square) patch of cress will supply you with an abundance of this tangy herb.
2.Radishes – 21 Days
A cool season crop, spring radishes grow best in 50⁰F to 65⁰F weather. Once sown, you’ll see leafy green shoots above the soil in just three or four days. Keep planting seeds every week or two for a constant harvest through spring and autumn.
3.Green-Onions – 21 Days
Also called scallions, green-onions are quick-growing plants that can be cut back to their base again and again throughout the season. Once their green shoots reach a height of 6-inches, they are ready for the first round of harvesting.
4.Tatsoi – 25 Days
A low-growing mustard green, tatsoi is a wonderful addition to salads and soups. Baby tatsoi leaves can be harvested when they reach 4-inches in length, or you can wait the full 40-days for tatsoi to mature to full size.
5.Lettuce – 30 Days
Another cool-weather vegetable that prefers temperatures between 60⁰F and 70⁰F, lettuce seeds should be sown in early spring and late-summer. Of the five types of lettuce – loose-leaf, cos, crisphead, butterhead, and stem. leaf lettuce varieties like green leaf and red leaf are among the easiest to cultivate and are more tolerant of hot weather. Planting new seeds every 14-days will provide a continuous harvest.
6.Spinach – 30 Days
Able to survive in temperatures as low as 15⁰F, spinach is a cold hardy-vegetable that can be planted as soon as the ground-thaws. Pluck outer spinach leaves from the plant as it grows or re-sow seeds every 2-weeks for successive harvests. Don’t wait too long to gather spinach because its leaves will become bitter once the plant reaches maturity.
7.Arugula – 30 Days
Since arugula seeds germinate well in cooler-soil, they can be planted as soon as the garden bed can be worked after the spring thaw. Sow seeds every two to three weeks for continuous-harvesting.
8.Kale – 30 Days
A “cut-and-come-again” plant, kale’s young and tender leaves can be culled continually throughout the growing-season once the plant is about 2-inches tall. Avoid picking the central bud, since this keeps kale growing and productive.
And 9. Swiss-Chard – 45 Days
A member of the beet family, Swiss-chard can be harvested throughout the season by cutting-off the outer leaves when they are about 3-inches long and are still young and tender. In addition to using the fresh-leaves in salads, you can cut Swiss-chard stems from the leaf and cook them like you would asparagus.

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    Another veggie (similar to tatsoi, but larger) is Komatsuna. By June 1, I have my freezer full with about 35 Lb. from only about 25 feet of garden row. AND, I’m eating fresh, but have already pulled out and discarded 20 feet because I need the space for pole beans. It’s great in a soup, any stir fry, or any rice dish that calls for greens. The stems stay ‘crunchy’ for almost half an hour in ‘steamed’ conditions, however wilt down in the microwave upon ‘rewarming’. But, even in their limp condition, the basic nutrients and taste are still there.
    I use a variety called ‘king of summer’, but between the slugs, rabbits, flea beetles and such, I just give up in mid June.

    Another tip… if you can find ‘oriental spinach’, the leaves never become bitter. However, they do bolt (mine are definitely over the hill, and only good for next year’s seed). But, even the green leaves on the bolting stems are sweet. The best way to eat this spinach is raw (in a salad). Cooked (or blanched for freezing), all spinach seems to almost dissolve, reducing volume so much that you wonder why you grew it. However, it can easily by ‘followed’ with another crop.
    Swiss chard is great! It can be harvested all summer long.

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    #1 pain , medication
    #2 the plant is distinct to Vietnam so cannabis can tolerate a lot of rain
    #3 easy to grow, even a nimwit like me grew it!
    #4 HEMP, it makes things like paper and it’s a lot better for the environment
    #5 in my opinion it helps me when I am very hungry and it helps me cope with hunger but for some it can make you hungry…
    #6 some cannabis can make you active and some can make you sleepy..
    Either way you left out a very good plant that should of been #1 on your list.. it might not grow in the cold that well but it is very useful..

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