77 Fire Pit Ideas (includes Outdoor Decor)

77 Fire Pit Ideas (includes Outdoor Decor)

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77 Fire Pit Ideas – Includes Outdoor Decor

Whoop, Whoop! That title reminds me of 99 bottles of beer on the wall . . . Just kidding! Our ‘77 Fire Pit Ideas’ including Outdoor Decor is #5, last and final video of a 5-part series on Backyard Decor Ideas. These videos share hundreds of fully decorated outdoor living spaces. That wraps it up for 2020 outdoor décor with outdoor furniture until we blaze into 2021. Thank you for joining us for the entire season. We’ll share the link for videos #1-4 below if you missed one and liked the topic. Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy walks you through – Décor Video series:

1) Why Outdoor Decor is Important

2) Color, Styles, & Themes

3) Adding the Bells & Whistles

4) Outdoor Bars, Barstools & Dining Decor

5) Bringing your Firepit to Life with Decor

From Outside Decor Planning and Decor layout to Patio Decor Ideas, if you are looking for outdoor room ideas or even the basics in outdoor living decor concepts, this series is right for you. Décor strategies and tips help you add life to your outside rooms.

Learn why planning is key and discover some simple how-to’s to turn blah into beautiful.

1. Plan Colors – Think Blend

2. Find your style – Rustic, Minimalist, Traditional

3. Careful – don’t buy too many knick-knacks before you have a plan

4. Decide on Furniture pieces Early

5. Add your own personality to your Backyard Space

Now on to ‘77 Sunset Strip’…

Whoops I did it again… (1960’s series – shows my age) OKAY ALREADY, Firepits with décor!

If you are deciding how to decorate your outdoor living space, give this video a whirl. It shows why outdoor decorating is so important while showing off fire pit ideas. Once you see the numerous types – gas burning firepits, wood burning firepits, in every shape and size, you are sure to get an abundance of fire pit ideas. However, you might need assistance when it comes to the design build process. We are happy to help: Complimentary Consultation?

Once decided, designed, built … then the fun part: Decorating Around A Fire Pit.

Since I’ve been styling firepit areas for over 12 years my first thought with a firepit goes to the style and color of the rest of the property’s décor. I’ve known many homeowners to grab the first bar stools they find with stools too short and don’t match the aesthetic. Then, they choose the wrong-style & wrong-color stools to ring around the firepit. What? Please realize, these 2 types of outdoor living seats are focal points for your guests’ pleasure in your backyard. Their first thought upon arrival is comfortability and where am I going to sit? That is why choosing perfect stools is important. You want to draw them over to secure their spot – visually. If the stools are more like kiddie seats or totally uncomfortable – they will not sit there. I’ve seen it time & time again.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone by saying, “stop & think” before you spend. It sincerely makes the difference in a magnificent outdoor space and a so-so space. Surely, I am wrong? Nope. Why? ‘Cuz I’ve made this mistake many times over myself. They say you don’t make the same mistake twice, right? Well folks, sometimes it takes awhile to figure it out. I have and I want to share it with you.

As much as I’d love to help you decorate your landscape, or show you how to decorate your outside patio . . . you need to consider all the points in this series before you buy ANYTHING. And it is HARD NOT TO BUY! Now that Outdoor Living is trending, there are So many – Too many choices. What you thought you couldn’t live without today – has you STUCK with it tomorrow.

In closing, I must laugh at how many 10 years or older umbrellas I’ve seen in brand-spanking-new landscapes. What? In 2020, umbrellas and furniture are the best prices of the century. Buy new! These outdoor living goods are a great price and will last 3-5 seasons. You will more than likely want to change it up BECAUSE prices will allow it! Especially as new fun outdoor ideas get better and better. We no-longer live in our mom-dad mentality for “solid-furniture-to-last-a life-time”. Been waiting for the outdoor furniture of your dreams? It might be next year. (Buy it in June – everything is 50% off)

We are happy to answer questions – help with your décor issues – help design/build any & all unique landscape spaces . . . Have you seen the latest 2020 properties in our Portfolio? It’s pretty interesting to see the before and after photos in each one. You’ll see hugely problematic yards reversed and transformed. Then I get the pleasure of styling them!

That’s a wrap.


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