6 Things to Consider When Planning a Vegetable Garden

6 Things to Consider When Planning a Vegetable Garden

Designing a vegetable garden is more about which vegetables grow well near each other than about how things look. Tall vegetables can shade out shorter vegetables.

Most vegetables have similar growing requirements, so when you are deciding where to put your vegetable garden, you can follow these guidelines.

Vegetables are sun lovers. Most will grow their best with 6-8 hours or more of direct sunlight. Leafy greens can handle less sun and crops that prefer cool weather, like lettuce, will continue to grow throughout the summer is shaded by taller plants. But you will still want to choose a full sun location to site your vegetable garden.
Ideally, your vegetable garden should be close to both a source of water and your kitchen. Vegetables will need water on a regular schedule. If they get watered erratically they will exhibit all sorts of problems like cracking open, not setting any fruit at all or becoming prone to cultural problems like blossom end rot.
Proximity to the kitchen or at least easily accessible from some entrance to the house will give you the incentive to remember to water and check on your garden every day and you’ll be more tempted to run out and pick something fresh while you’re cooking.


For starters, the soil in your vegetable garden will need to be rich in organic matter. Compost and composted manure can be added in spring and/or fall. Having you have your soil tested when starting a new garden is highly recommended. The test results will tell you if any other amendments need to be added and if the soil pH needs to be adjusted.

4.Organic or Not?
If you’ve resisted gardening organically in the past, now is a great time to begin because garden centers are finally stocking a wealth of organic gardening products and most of the vegetable gardening information is being written to accommodate organic growers. Organic gardening is actually less time consuming, because the whole point is to prevent problems before they happen. Soil that is rich in organic matter is actually alive with all kinds of organisms that will benefit your plants.

Every new activity requires the right tools and gardening is no exception. Vegetable gardening can be broken down into 2 stages: preparing the garden and caring for the plants. To create the garden, you’ll be turning a lot of soil. The basic tools include a: shovel, fork, trowel and maybe a tiller.

Once your plants are growing you’ll need a different set of tools which will include a: hoe, hose and nozzle or some type of irrigation system, stakes, twine, and pruners.

One last thing to consider is fencing. Fencing can be an eyesore and a hassle, but you’re not the only creature that enjoys eating vegetables. You will be amazed how fast animals can eat through not just the fruits of your efforts, but the whole leafy planting. It’s an endless battle protecting your vegetable garden without a fence.


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    Organic gardening is less time consuming 😂 don’t make me laugh.
    It’s very much worth it but it is most certainly NOT less time consuming. When you grow organically there are lots of things that can’t be avoided which take up time, one example would be slugs and snails. I spend at least 15 min every night spraying my veg with garlic so the slugs don’t eat them.
    If I weren’t an organic gardener I would just put down harmful pellets to deal with that issue.
    There are many ways in which organic gardening is far more time consuming.
    I’ve heard in America you don’t have many slugs but here in the uk during the summer months our paths and plants are covered with them.

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