6 Easy and Great Container Gardening Ideas

There are various forms of gardening and one of the most popular ones in recent days is container gardening. It not only lifts the look of a particular corner but also is extremely convenient. It also reduces the risk of a plant getting diseased. There are various ways of experimenting with container gardening too and you can use anything from old beer cans or Nutella jars to beautiful terracotta pots.

But yes, you must keep one thing in mind if you use old brandy snifters or cans for container gardening i.e. a plant won’t survive for years if it does not get proper drainage system. In this article, find some of the most innovative ideas for decking up your garden.

Use terracotta pots – There are various garden nurseries where you will get good terracotta pots Melbourne which have proper drainage holes in them. Planting in them is the best solution as there is no risk. They are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can buy accordingly. Just do proper research before buying and compare prices before relying on a garden nursery.

Use glass jars – Glass jars are generally available in our houses. Using them for planting succulents is very common. But yes, since jars don’t come with a proper drainage system, don’t expect them to grow properly for years. Jars are okay for short term period. And same goes for brandy snifters.

Using bird baths – Bird baths can be of multiple uses. Sturdy succulents which store water in their stems and leaves can flourish in bird bath perch. If you do not want to invest in a new one, then use an old one which looks dull or does not store water, and needs a little bit of jazzing up. Use a drill to create a drainage hole in it, so that the succulents grow without any disturbance.

Use glazed pots – This is also available in good garden nurseries. They are available in bright hues and can completely change the look of your garden. No need to worry about the drainage system as well. You can mismatch these Pots Melbourne to create a unique look. They are good for indoor decoration as well.

Use planter boxes – Planter boxes work great for vegetable and fruit gardening. So, if you are thinking of growing your own fruits and veggies, then investing on a few planter boxes is a must. Planting them in raised beds always give better results as there are reduced risks. But make sure you plant them in proper sunlight and water them as required. Contact a good nursery who also keeps other garden ornaments Melbourne.

Use cardboards – Yes, you read that right. Cardboard boxes can be used as planters as well. If you are a gardener, you should be open to various kinds of ideas. You can use the old cardboard boxes and use them as pots.

So, these are some of the ways for container gardening. Use old things in your house or buy pots and planter boxes of various kinds. Also, decorate your patio by using water features and Terrazzo pots Melbourne.

Ross Smith, a regular blogger on gardening and garden ornaments Melbourne, writes here about container gardening using jars, bird baths and pots like terracotta pots Melbourne. For best Terrazzo pots Melbourne, contact a good garden nursery.

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