5 Top Bathroom Decorating Style Ideas

Your bathroom is used every single day. Because of that it really should look as good as it possibly can. People, however, often neglect the bathroom because it’s a functional room tucked away in the corner of most homes. Even your bathroom deserves to be decorated so why not spruce up your bathroom with some of these ideas?

Bathrooms use a lot of water so beach and ocean themes are often popular for these rooms. Beach themes can be a whole lot of fun. You could start by painting the room peach or bright blue and then add several sea shells or similar accessories. Any furniture in the bathroom should be wicker or whitewashed wooden pieces to add to the natural “driftwood” feeling. Any ocean theme will require the use of pale green or blue paint colors to properly convey the feeling of the sea. Again whitewashed or dark wood grained furnishings really complement this style of room.

If neither ocean nor beach themes feel right to you then you could consider a tropical decorating style for your bathroom. Tan and jungle green are great choices for this particular theme. A few touches of red can really add some spark to the room afterwards. Rattan furniture always looks great in tropical style bathrooms and a sisal rug is also the perfect replacement for the traditional bathroom rug.

What about an Italian style bathroom? This particular theme is rich and luxurious and perfect for bathrooms with a spa or soaking tub. Most Italian themes also use mosaics, which look great in any shower. If designing an Italian style bathroom then use gold, deep blue or red colors in your paint scheme for maximum effect.

Last but not least is the country decorating theme. This is a nice relaxed theme. Strong country colors are red, green, blue, yellow or tan. You can dress up your bathroom with French accessories or dress it down with some rustic elements. Pine furniture works best with this particular style.

Once you see the completed bathroom you won’t believe it took you so long to decide to redecorate the room. After all, most people start their day in the bathroomArticle Submission, so why not start off right.

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