5 Tips for Choosing Attractive Bathroom Art

5 Tips for Choosing Attractive Bathroom Art

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5 Tips for Choosing Attractive Bathroom Art

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With a carefully chosen assortment of a few gorgeous pieces of art, you can complete the look of your bathroom. However, there is a right way to select pieces for your bathroom that might differ from other areas of your home.

Bathrooms are intimate spaces with particular design needs. Between the functional elements of the bathroom such as the tub, vanity, and toilet, it can be challenging to find art that’s not only attractive but also fits in with the overall look. It’s worth the effort, though, because when done right attractive bathroom art can pull the whole room together.

Here are five tips for choosing attractive bathroom art that will complement your space perfectly:

1. Transmit the Style

Your bathroom art should match the style and feel you’re hoping to create in the room. For example, if your style is natural and serene, consider hanging botanical or landscape prints. A houseplant is another artistic element that fits into this style. Or, if your style is modern, you might hang some prints of abstract paintings.

2. Choose A Theme

Another way to coordinate your bathroom art is by choosing a theme. For example, choose various pieces that feature the same color or subject matter. Bathroom art can highlight a bright accent color. For example, choose a print of a painting of bright yellow flowers that matches the color of the soap dispenser and hand towels. Or, choose artwork that features elements related to popular bathroom themes such as the beach, fish, or figurative nude art.

3. Go Black and White

When choosing photographs as your bathroom art, consider using black and white pictures. This will help achieve a uniform look among the photos. From landscape photos to portraits and animal photos, using black and white can result in an impressive outcome.
4. Consider the Size

When choosing attractive bathroom art, remember that size plays an important role. In large, spacious bathrooms, small artwork will seem to get drowned out on large walls. However, too many pieces in small bathrooms can make the space feel very busy. If you have one small open wall, consider adding one big statement piece of art. Then, add a few other accents.

One trick to try is to use additional mirrors as your bathroom art, which can give the appearance of spaciousness. Choose interesting shapes or elaborate, colorful frames to add an artistic element to the mirror.

5. Include Sculptures

Don’t forget to consider mediums other than 2D framed pieces. Bowls, plates, and somewhat flat sculptures can be hung on walls. Standing sculptures can sit in niches, on the corner of the vanity or on a shelf.

When choosing 3D art, use the same considerations you would for framed art. Choose a common theme that the sculptures all fit into and ensure they also match the bathroom’s style.

Once you’ve picked out a selection of bathroom art, it’s time to prepare it and mount it. When preparing prints and photographs, remember to seal them carefully in frames to avoid moisture damage. Consider hanging art opposite your mirror so you can catch a glimpse of it as you get ready.

With your beautiful bathroom art in place, the room is complete. Now you can enjoy viewing a great selection of artwork every time you step into the bathroom.

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