5 More Creative Ideas For Unique Wedding Decoration

A perfect wedding is every girl’s dream. They plan it part by part since childhood. If you are a bride who has sufficient time and creative inclination towards decoration then go ahead and plan your wedding. But you are lacking in any or both of this criteria, then the practical thing to do is get a wedding decorator. You can always add your own touch because there is one rule in every wedding “what the bride wants, she gets it.”
Once you have arranged and confirmed the venue, try and visualize what to want as your theme wedding decoration. Here are five ideas that can help you to inspire and get you more creative ideas for your special day.
1. Try the style of fusion:
There is no doubt about the fact that marigold, roses and jasmine have earned their position as the ‘wedding flower’. They will never go out of style. But if you are willing to try something more contemporary and your budget is flexible, try using orchids, lilies, tulips, hydrangeas, carnation or gerbera daisy. There are many other flowers which look beautiful and can match your theme better. Check more Flower Decoration Pictures or ask for catalogs to get more ideas. Don’t only stick to flowers, try mixing and matching them with leaves and herbs.
2. Use photos to enhance your decoration:
Pre wedding shoots are very much in trend now. Couples get their photographs clicked in creative manners which look adorably ‘in love’. Don’t keep them stacked up for your house decoration or for social media. Use them on your wedding cards or hang them as Wedding Decoration Pictures. This is not only unique and creative but also a gesture of love.
3. Add some artistic touch:
It’s true that there is no substitution of original flower. The beauty of original flower is different and we see that often. If you are looking for something innovative, then check lace Flower Decoration. It not only looks beautiful but classy too. Small lights can be used inside the flowers which will glow and add an exceptional beauty. Usually light colors are preferred as they look brighter. So if you are planning for something out of the box then this can be one of your inspirational ideas.

4. Origami and paper theme:
This is the best idea if you want to make your theme look great with the limited budget you have. Different colored and textured papers can be used as wedding decoration. It also gives you the space to be playful with lights. Origami looks not only interesting but it also shows your creative side and effort on planning the wedding. It’s easy to get mainstream, but out of the box ideas demand time and imagination.
5. Lamps and lanterns:
We have always seen LED lights being used for wedding. But break the stereotype and hand electric lamps or Chinese lanterns. They give such a dreamy, fairytale and magical look. It’s soft and artistic; not very loud or peppy, yet very contemporary. Designer bottles can also be hanged with small lights inside them.
These are few ideas to help you visualize your wedding in an innovative and contemporary way. If you want to blend tradition with modern ideas then use flower decoration for wedding and pair them up with these creative touch. Make you wedding plan more artistic and creative with some professional help.

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