5 Money-Saving Home Décor Craft Ideas

Everyone is looking for ways to save money in this economy, but we still want our homes to look up-to-date and new. With these 5 money-saving home decor craft ideas, you can spruce up most any room in the home with little money and effort expended.

1. Paint one wall in the room a bright color. This adds a bold look easily and cheaply. Many home improvement centers offer a small amount of paint for less than $ 3. One to two of these samples is usually enough to cover a small wall or dividing wall in a living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. With little effort and money, you can add an entirely new dimension to almost any space with a splash of color.

2. Update the look of a living room or den with some inexpensive fabric on your throw pillows. Cover your old throw pillows or make new ones with a cheap throw pillow or used throw pillow of any color. Choose fabric to match the rest of the room, or get enough fabric for new curtains and to cover the furnishings. You can sew the fabric on the throw pillows and staple it to the furniture for an entirely new look.

3. Sometimes all you need to redo a room is a few new accessory pieces. Cover old lampshades in gift wrapping paper for a new looking lamp at very little cost. Attach the wrapping paper using thick packaging tape, and use a low wattage bulb in the lamp to prevent overheating. You can also cover vases, photo frames and other accessories in matching or coordinating gift wrap paper.

4. Use inexpensive flat sheets to create new curtains for any room in the home. For small windows, a twin sheet can be gathered to create a super full look. Cut it off and hem it to make a valance. For larger windows in the living room or dining room, go with king size sheets so they will be full enough to look nice on the window. Discount stores often sell sheet sets for as little as $ 10, and single flat sheets for as low as $ 5.

5. Does your family have tons of shells left over from the last shell hunting expedition on the beach? Use them creatively to redecorate your bathroom. Soak them overnight in a solution of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water so they don’t stink. Then fill a bowl, glass jar or other attractive container with some of the shells. Use more of the shells on a string for hanging decorations. If necessary, hot glue the shells to the string, yarn or a rope. Glue a few on the guest towels to hang out when company comes. If you like, glue a few of the shells around the bathroom mirror for a whole-bathroom beach makeover.

Look through your attic, kitchen cabinets, closets and other places you stow unused items. You are likely to find a wealth of items that can be painted, covered or used as-is for a new looking home. Together with these 5 money-saving home decor craft ideas, you can redecorate!

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