4 Out Of The Ordinary And Unique Gifts For Easter

The most popular Easter gifts in the 1950s were pastel colored chicks made of plastic. The next generations received cookie-cutter baskets filled with plastic grass, jellybeans and chocolate bunnies. Today, unique gifts for Easter seem to be harder and harder to come up with so any idea is welcome. If you would like to skip the traditional choices and give your loved ones a gift they’ll enjoy and remember, the following ideas are sure to get your creativity flowing.

Plant a Garden

Gardening is a frugal way to get healthy food into your home, as well as being a fun family activity. Make up a unique Easter gift basket filled with seed packets, hand tools and a hand-drawn plan of a garden plot for the back yard. Plan a family day when you can all get together and plant your garden plot together. You’ll get some exercise as well as quality family time.

Take a Zoo Trip

Instead of doing the same old traditional Easter egg hunts and eating candy, going to the local zoo to see the baby animals is a great way to celebrate spring. Many zoos have special exhibits when their star attractions give birth. Turn a unique Easter gift into a learning experience by studying about the infant animals you’ll see before you visit the zoo.

Plan a Volunteer Weekend

Getting gifts is fun for the family, but giving to others gives your family members a great feeling. Choose a charity you all feel strongly about, such as a local park that needs work, a food bank in the neighborhood or a pet shelter around town. Plan a holiday weekend together donating your time and the money you would have spent on candy. The time you spend together doing good for others will create a memory for life, and could be the beginning of a lifetime habit of service for your children.

Create Personal Baskets

The traditional gift basket is filled with sugary jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chickens. It’s impersonal, it’s bad for your teeth and waistline, and it doesn’t say anything about the gift recipient. Create unique gifts for Easter by personalizing every basket for your family. Forget about the jelly beans and marshmallow chicks and put in something they’ll enjoy like custom coffee blends, gourmet cocoa or exotic teas. Add books, DVD’s and gift cards for their favorite stores. Instead of the same old straw basket, decorate it with a theme such as colors from their favorite football team, stick on cartoon characters or even dress it up with glitter. Show each person you really thought about them when building their basket.

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