4 Fun Whimsical Ideas For Your Space

Your space should feel like an extension of yourself, heavily injected with your own senses of creativity and style whenever possible. Although many top home decor experts frown upon creating living spaces that are very personal, some areas of the home can be customized since they are not public space; for example, the bedroom is a personal space. Your bedroom is one type of personal space that is your own area to decorate as you wish, and the following are 4 fun whimsical ideas for personal spaces:

1. Paint a Mural

Murals are very unique extensions of personality, and they can be very easy to create with some background study and a few helpful tools. Stencils, paint, painter’s tape, and a sketch of what you want on the wall are great ideas for beginners; even the experts utilize tools like these to make the job simpler and faster on occasion. Painting a mural can be the perfect way to express yourself, with ideas that are as diverse as the individuals who live in each bedroom. Whether you choose animals, plants, buildings, vehicles, silhouettes, abstract ideas, or something totally different, it is uniquely yours and it is unlikely that anyone has one that is exactly the same.

2. Write Your Name

Another idea that is uniquely yours is your own name, and although someone else may have the same or a similar name, they may not choose the same styles and colors that you love. Use a font idea that shows your creativity, such as a funky Gothic lettering in a bold black arranged to spell your name. You could incorporate your name into a mural, with a background splashed behind it, adding more of what you like into your own space. There are no restrictions on the colors or styles that you can use to make the room feel whimsical, such as dotting the “i’s” in your name with frogs or hearts. Names are not necessarily confined to the bedroom; many people use their surname or initial or family names to personalize walls in living spaces as well.

3. Customizing Your Office Space

Most employers frown upon over-customization of office cubicles, mainly because you never know when you might be transferred to another department, desk, or area and that means a lot of work to make the cubicle ready for the next person. However, you can still add touches of whimsy that spark your creativity, such as your name lettered in sparkly letters on a flashy background and framed on your desk or a framed photo of your pet with a funny inspirational quote below. Guys can take the same approach with pets or do something that suits their own personality without violating any office etiquette, such as a sports car with something inspirational beneath (“Keep Driving” for example).

4. Whimsical Outdoor Spaces

Finally, outdoor spaces can also be personal and whimsical, such as by adding a ceramic hippie frog collection to the garden space. Another option is to add a riot of color with potted plants to your patio or balcony, leaving room for a place to sit and take in the view. The pots can be as unique and diverse as the plants, showcasing your creativity in a whimsical way in your own outdoor space.

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