37 Patio Ideas (Outdoor Furniture, Decor & Designs)

37 Patio Ideas (Outdoor Furniture, Decor & Designs)

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An outdoor patio is a great place to enjoy the backyard of your home. A patio is an inviting space where friends and family can gather in a relaxing environment. To get the best results from your outdoor living space you’ll want to have comfortable furniture as well as shade for relaxing on sunny days.

Some of the best features of an outdoor patio include: Weatherproof outdoor furniture that is comfortable and stylish. Outdoor fire pits for hanging out on starry nights. Water features add drama and ambiance. LED rope lights hanging from pergolas or trellis can really enhance outdoor spaces. sun shades and canopies are important for blocking direct sunlight. Outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas can be a great place to gather and cook outside.

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    This spacious concrete outdoor setting should be ideal for the streets food market setting, without the kitchens, just the place to sit,etc,etc, restrooms are ideal here.( just presenting my suggestions, others are welcome. ) Lots of very nice ideas and designs in this video 📹 😀

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