3 Outdoor Home Decoration Ideas That Are The Worst For 2012

When spring arrives and summer is just around the corner, homeowners across the country begin prepping their yards for the warm weather. This typically includes planting flowers and shrubs, while also spicing up the yard with decor items designed specifically for the outdoors. While there are many outdoor decor items to choose from, it is important that homeowners find a tasteful way to incorporate them into their landscaping. The following are the three worst offenders when it comes to outdoor home decorations in 2012:

1. Tacky Garden Gnomes — While these little creatures might seem cute, leave it to your neighbors to incorporate the gnomes into their yard. These longtime yard trinkets have become a bit tacky and overused, and are one of the top offenders in worst outdoor decorations. No matter if it’s a traditional gnome with a pointed red hat, or a garden gnome donning your favorite team’s colors, leave it on the shelf at the store, it fits better there than within the beautiful gardens and landscaping you have at your home.

2. That Ceramic Goose — While the idea of a ceramic goose that wears different outfits and sits on your porch is cute (sort of?), it is best left in 1997. Today, these ceramic geese either need to be hidden well away in storage or maybe as featured items in your next yard sale instead of your front porch for the entire world to see. Perhaps switch out the goose with a nice flower pot, filled with a beautiful flat of flowers to brighten up your porch and bring beauty to your home.

3. Too Many Flowers — If you’re a master gardener that has training in designing outdoor arrangements for Biltmore House and Gardens, keep in mind that too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. When you put too many flowers in your landscaping, you run the risk of over decorating your yard. Managing all the different needs that different types of flowers have can be a stressful challenge and can take time and effort away from other great looking outdoor decorations you can have in your yard.

To ensure that your home looks its best throughout the entire summer, be sure to choose your outdoor home decorations wisely. Homeowners need to carefully integrate pretty, tasteful decorations throughout their landscaping if they want to be the envy of all their neighbors. Make sure that your decor items blend well with other decorations such as year-round plants, flats of flowers and furniture items, such as patio sets.

When it comes to outdoor home décor, Bianca Bowman has 3 rules she follows and at the top is absolutely no garden gnomes. Lillian Vernon has a large variety of garden accents and decorations to make it feel like home is outdoors.

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