3 Decorating Ideas For a Masculine Bathroom

Creating a masculine bathroom can be done with a little creativity and some shopping. Paint colors are going to be the most important aspect of the masculine bathroom’s decor. Spend time looking at a variety of colors and shades before settling on one. The three decorating ideas for a masculine bathroom below provide different approaches to designing a room that a man feels comfortable being in.


Bold, chunky stripes painted on the walls will create a masculine feel to a bathroom if they are done in masculine colors. Try pairing a lighter stripe with a darker color, such as navy blue and off white for a classic look, or take a modern tack with a subtle color contrast, such as shades or brown or shades of gray. Alternate the stripe sizes between wider dark stripes and thinner light stripes to create a different feel, as well.

Coordinate the masculine stripes with other bathroom accessories. A striped shower curtain of the same colors may be difficult to find, so choose a solid one that matches one of the stripe colors instead. Window curtains can be quickly made to match the striped walls with some fabric glue or no-sew fabric tape. Choose black and white or sepia photos in frames that match the stripes to add a focal point to the walls. Even towels in similar colors to the stripes will help create a unified, masculine bathroom space.

Grays & Blacks

The grays and blacks of today’s paints are different from years before. No longer destined to remain dull dark colors, paint manufacturers have infused grays and blacks with sheen, shine, warmth and depth. For an extraordinarily masculine bathroom, choose sleek blacks and grays for the decorating palette.

Warm, gray walls automatically create a masculine feel to a room. Walls painted in that shade have an aura of wealth and power that can be expertly paired with sleek black accessories. Shower curtains, floor mats, and towels should all be a rich black color to accent the gray. Faucets, towel bars and switch plates would lend themselves nicely to silver and enhance the masculine feel to the bathroom. Look for items that coordinate with the room’s colors, but also have a distinctly masculine feel to their lines and patterns.

The Great Outdoors

For the Outdoors Man, a woodsy, rustic decor would provide a distinctly masculine feel to the bathroom. Look for pine cabinets and accessories to create a natural, earthy tone. Colors like hunter green or burgundy would lend themselves nicely to wall paint while tying in the outdoorsy theme.

A deep, plaid shower curtain would compliment the decor while providing a convenient way to tie in the various colors throughout the room. Solid towel colors and window curtains would enhance the bathroom while bringing in the masculine colors. Look to the woods and mountains for inspiration for a masculine outdoor decor bathroom.

If the opportunity is there to gain insight and input from the man who will be using the bathroom the most, it is wise to seek his opinions. Create a bathroom that is not only masculine, but comfortable to spend time in early in the morning. Watch lighting choices and fabrics to be sure that luxury and comfort are not lost among the bathroom’s masculine trappings.

Alyssa Davis writes and designs for Metal-Wall-Art.com and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with silver metal wall sculptures and wall art.

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