10 herbs to grow at home

10 easy herbs to grow at home
* Basil: Start basil from seeds and place the pots in a south facing window as they like lots of sun and warmth
* Bay: A perennial that grows well in containers all year long. Place the pot in the east or west facing window.
* Parsley: You can start with the seeds or dig up a clump from your garden at the end of the season. Parsley likes full sun but will grow slowly in an east or west facing window.
* Sage: Take a tip cutting from the outdoor plant to start the outdoor sage. It tolerates dry, indoor air well, but it needs the strong sun so make sure it has a south facing window.
* Dill: Start from seed or clumps -best time to plant dill inside is between October and early spring. Fern leaf dill is ideal or indoors. Fertilize every 6 weeks with a ½ strength liquid fertilizer or fish fertilizer. Dill is drought resistant; it will grow better if watered
* Mints: It’s a sweet and strong plant-Peppermint and spearmint-used majorly in teas, lamb, fish, desserts, salads. We can start from seed or buy a small plant from organic grocer. It needs full sun plenty of water – watch them grow!
* Rosemary: It’s a bright, clean flavor added to chicken, seafood, beef, sauces, potatoes, soups, salads. It starts from seed; plant 1/4 to ½ deep and water deeply. Place in full sun-Keep soil moist as the seeds germinate. Establish a watering schedule, allowing to dry some between watering
* Oregano: It adds an earthy flavor to lamb, tomato sauces, seafood, chicken, pork, eggplant. Start from seed or buy a small plant from organic grocer.
Oregano likes bright light 6-8 hrs, medium watering
* Tarragon: Use alone or combine with parsley -tomato dishes, vinaigrettes veal, chicken, potatoes, mushrooms. Its best started from root stock that has been separated. Tarragon seems to perform best in a lower or diffused light situation- does not perform well when exposed to winter chill
* Chives: Use as final flavor or at end of cooking or garnish. Chop, snip – Great with potatoes dishes, eggs, poultry, salads, sauces. Dig up clumps at end of season – let all leaves die back.Bring indoors in early winter-place in coolest part of house for a few days, and then move to sunny spot
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