10 Cheap Home Decor Ideas

The following focuses on tips and ideas on how to spruce up your home decor without breaking the bank!

1.Start with a thorough cleaning. No matter what you plan on doing, making sure that everything is clean is a first step in analyzing what you want to do.

2.Consider a new paint color. Don’t be afraid to try a bolder color. There are many colors and hues to choose from today that you will be sure to find the right color for the room you are considering. Or add border tape around the top of the walls for an individual touch. Border tape is a really economical way to add a new design to a room at an extremely low cost.

3.For the kitchen, purchase new knobs for your cabinets. You can either buy metal or wooden. The wooden ones are really inexpensive and you can paint them and/or add designs to them for your personal touch.

4.Look at things you have around the house in a new light. For instance, if you have an old trunk, you can turn it into a wonderful and interesting wine rack just by painting, turning it on it’s end and placing shelves that are really cheap to buy on the inside!

5.Changing window treatments. For a cheap take on curtains, check out the material department at your local department store. There you will have an untold variety of curtain material to choose from. The new thing today is just using the cut material with shower hooks to hold onto the rod. You will have raw edges but that is what people are looking for in todays market.

6.Pain or refurbish your existing furniture. Maybe you don’t like the dark wood furniture you have or the lighter color. Simply sanding the furniture down and applying a desirable stain to the surface will produce “all new” furniture and your home decor will be changed quite dramatically at a really low cost.

7.Purchase different throw rugs and place them in odd places. This adds a uniqueness to your home decor.
8.Buy cheap prints or use pictures you already have around the house for wall decorations. It’s amazing what you can find when you start viewing images in a different light.

9.Visit thrift shops or garage sales. You can literally find a treasure trove of new decorating ideas from others cast offs. Lamps, shades, dishes can all have a new meaning. An unusually shaped bowl can be filled with potpourri and used as a centerpiece.

10.Live plants lend a beautiful addition to any room decor. Purchasing small plants and putting them in small decorative pots is an ideal focal point. Place as many as you like in each room.

Think outside the box on various items and you will have a completely new room with your new cheap home decor.

Ryan Harris finds and writes about cheap (as in low-cost) home decor. Join in on the conversation at Cheap Home Decor.

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