Top 5 Tiles & Where They Look Best

One of the great things about tile is that it offers so much versatility and so many different options. Still, the available selection of tile at at your local hardware or home improvement store may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Tile can be used for any number of home improvement projects, but pinpointing which tile is right for individual projects can be a chore.

Specific tiles are very commonly used for specific home improvement projects. This does not mean that you are tied down by common trends. They are however a good place to start if you are having a hard time deciding on a tile material for your particular project.

Ceramic – This may seem like the old standby, but ceramic has never gone out of style. It is one of the most used tiles because it comes in so many textures, colors, and designs. Arizona tile experts state that it is actually the glaze which gives each type of ceramic tile its unique characteristics. Ceramic tile is typically always glazed because of its natural porous structure. It is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms for many types of projects.

Porcelain – This tile is often used in bathrooms and for flooring purposes. Porcelain is made from sand that has been finely ground and forged in flames. It is very dense and has a glass-like look and feel. It is an incredibly durable material which makes it ideal for flooring. It will stand up to wear and tare even in very high traffic areas. In bathrooms it can provide a glamorous and refined look on walls.

Glass – Glass is one of the trendiest tiles of the moment. People adore its luminous look and dazzling shimmer. Like ceramic tile, it can be used for just about anything. It is on the pricier side, but there are lots of recycled glass tile options that are of tremendous quality. They are nearly as strong as new glass tile and come in many beautiful colors and designs. Phoenix tile designers suggest it for kitchen backsplashes. It is also very popularly used for bathroom tiling projects, pool tiling, and indoor and outdoor flooring.

Granite – You can probably guess what this material is most commonly used for. Whether it is granite slabs or granite tile, the material is most often used for kitchen countertops. Granite is the “hardest” of all the natural stones. This means that it is far less porous than others. Being less porous makes it great for use in kitchens because it is stain, bacteria, scratch, and burn resistant. Just keep in mind that it should be sealed before use and that it is not 100 percent resistant to the previously listed problems, so you should still take care to not expose it to harsh treatment or chemicals.

Slate – Arizona tile sellers state that slate is a great alternative to the popular natural stone travertine. It is much easier to find in the US and it is less expensive. If you desire a beautiful natural stone look, then slate may be a good choice for you. The material has a beautiful textured surface that has an organic, wind-swept look. It must be sealed and regularly maintained by a professional contractor every few years.

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