Three Styles Of Canopies And Effective Usage

Many people will choose a canopy when it comes time to buy outdoor shades for the home. There are a number of reasons, among them is the desire to enlarge the usable space of a home a bit. Outdoor shades can also be used to shelter door and window openings which helps keep down the heat and saves on energy costs. In the past canopies were very staid and boxy looking. Nowadays there are a number of choices for the discriminating consumer who wants to select from high tech fabrics, composite materials for the frame and many other options.

In general canopies can be used in three ways. Non-portable, fixed-structured kinds are placed in residential areas where they can give shading to people who are trying to enjoy the outdoors. Portable, mobile canopies are very light and good for family or other kinds of outings. Car canopies help protect cars either at home, or at some other venue which requires the car to remain still for long periods of time. The three kinds of canopies are quite different in terms of size, style of construction, and of course price.

Canopies that are fixed in place for home use share some of the same basic functions as other kinds of outdoor shades, for example gazebos, garden arbors, window awnings so froth. On the other hand, while some of these shades are very specific in use, canopies can be set up in different areas far or near from the house. A freestanding canopy can be placed in the middle of a large yard, a deck canopy right up to the side of the house. The use depends on the occasion.

Non-fixed or mobile canopies can be picked up and disassembled quickly. These outdoor shades tend not to have as many options so that they are easier to put together, store away etc. One thing that almost all of them lack is the side walls that surround fixed canopies, and little fabric doors that add privacy. Businesses that have to set up stalls outdoors might want to indulge in a portable canopy. The manufacturers and retailers often offer the service of creating custom tops with company logos. But the portables are used by individuals too who want immediate shade far from home.

Car canopies or garage canopies are used for housing vehicles, perhaps more than one. There are simple roof-only versions as well as completely covered versions. The function is pretty much like a little garage for the car, or in the parlance of outdoor shades, these are “portable car ports”. For those living in condominiums or town houses where space is a commodity and there is no garage, these vehicle canopies are a real life safer. Over the long term they help protect the car.

The cost of even a small canopy is going to run into the hundreds of dollars, whereas the larger outdoor shades for cars and such may hit the thousand range. Taking good care of canopies is important for their longevity. A special cleaning device that sprays detergent solution over the fabric will help you clean it faster. During long periods of storage they should be protected with a thin cloth. The danger of microbes and fungi infestation is real, so make sure they do not take root by keeping the surface clear of dirt, soil, and leaves.

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