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Lanterns are just the right accessories for summer outdoor decor. They instantly add a festive touch and create the right mood for summer evenings. Christopher, our creative director, shares his ideas on decorating with lanterns in our summer 2014 collection.

These summer light accessories are durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our Scroll lantern is perfect for adding a decorative touch to the outdoor dining table while the Hyannis lantern can be used to line a walkway to a door. The outdoor decor accessories are versatile so you can use one lantern or pair a couple of lanterns from the summer collection to create a beautiful outdoor setting.

Our summer 2014 collection also includes our all-natural sea shell vase filler. A great outdoor decor idea is to fill lanterns with this vase filler and a pillar candle. For this DIY decorating project, start with a simple lantern, such as our Malta lantern. Place a pillar candle inside the lantern and then fill the base with the sea shell vase filler for a beautiful table accessory.

Other beautiful summer accessories are our glass votives. The set of 16 comes in corrugated packaging, making them easy to store from season to season. These votives can be used inside lanterns or by themselves. They’re perfect for adding that sparkle on summer evenings. Keep your summer decor simple and beautiful with these ideas.

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Here is the Scroll Lantern featured in the video:

Take a look at the Malta Lantern in this video:

These votives are perfect for summer entertaining:

Here are some great summer decor ideas:

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