Simple Renovations for your Yard

Have you ever watched those shows about renovating yards and thought that you wish you could do that? Thats where I was last year with the poor me syndrome. Then one day I woke up and decided to put my budget together and see what I could do. I am so glad I did because I have come a long way since that first day!

I sat down and determined what I was skilled to do and also what the friends in my circle were skilled to do as well and found that between all of us, we had a lot of experience! I didnt necessarily think they would help me, though I was sure they would, I just wanted to know where I could get some good advice from people that I trust.

I was always taught you have to start with the end in mind so the wife and I sat down on an afternoon and went over everything we could possible want. We had things from trellises to raised beds to a shed and a greenhouse. We also included an expansion on the deck.

When you look at a project like this it is easy to get discouraged by the shear amount of work. I called in a friend who is in the construction business and he suggested we do the hard stuff first; deal with the fence and deck. So I expanded the fence to the borders of our property and made the deck larger as well.

Dealing with the fence and deck was a job but it was well worth it. I did some research and found out that once you have these items you have to take care of them by sealing them for your weather conditions, which we did. My wife found some great wooden post caps to finish off the look and protect the posts as well and it still looks fantastic!

One the construction was completed we have been able to purchase everything else in kits as we can. This has allowed us to consistently work on it over the winter months and we continue to work on it still. It is sometime excruciatingly slow but overtime has really coming together nicely.

Using kits was a great idea for us. Weve been able to buy as we go and they are really easy to put together. Weve used them for our shed, several raised beds for vegetables and flowers and for our Rion Greenhouse. We are just weeks from being finished with a sitting area that includes a garden arbor in one of the garden spaces we created and after that its just filling in with trellises, planters and other garden dcor items and we will be done! I know I need to take time to enjoy it all but I have been overtaken by the DIY movement. Im thinking a new addition; so is my wife but we are not talking about the same thing!

With greenhouses you can garden and grow your own food year round. For another option, use raised beds to grow your own food as well as herbs and flowers.

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