Mother’s Day brings to my mind the phrase: “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. This is inevitably true as despite the spread of westernization and the changing roles of the “mother” throughout the world, the mother is still the most significant character in the family. So, why not dedicate one day solely to love and glorify this woman whom we love?

In different parts of the world Mother’s day is celebrated on different days. According to one school of thought, this day emerged from the concept of the ancient Greek worship of the mother. Apparently and similar to the Greeks, ancient Romans also celebrated another day Matronalia, which was dedicated to the goddess Juno, and mothers were given gifts on this day. In the United States of America, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day was inspired by the British day in the United States and was imported by social activist, Julia Ward Howe, after the American Civil war. She wanted to unite women against war, she understood and sympathised with the pain of losing a child. In 1912, Anna Jarvis created the Mother’s day International Association, after Julia Ward Howe failed in her noble cause, carrying on from where her mother left off, in 1905.

In the context of this day it is interesting to see what John.F.Kennedy thought about Mother’s Day – He said that the strength of the nation is dependant on the strength of the American home and this strength is based on the virtues fostered by the mothers of America. He said that it is fitting that the people of America should set aside one day of each year to acknowledge and express publicly the great affection, gratitude and respect for the mothers of the Nation.

Mother’s day continues to be one of the most commercially successful days in the U.S, and India has followed her footsteps. Despite all the protests against commercialization, this is the day when little children pour their hearts and souls into the cards or gifts they are making for their “mommies”. And this is the day when the mums feel pampered and loved, so what if cards are purchased, the sparkle in their eyes make up for everything.

Mother’s day gift ideas: Custom Made Photographs, Poetry, Handmade jewellery. Music compilations. (Get her that Woodstock concert she has craved for ages) Do all the chores for that day. Cook her favorite meal (bake,grill,fry,rustle) And if you are rich,buy her a simple platinum chain, or a car, or a Jacuzzi, or re-model her bedroom, take her out for an exotic dinner, send her off to Tibet, if she longs to be “on the road” just let your imagination go wild. This Mother’s day make up for all the fights, all the tantrums, all the tears, all the sulks, all the door-slammings, all the misbehavior, all the mischief. If you are penniless, just give her tight hug shows her that despite everything, you care, and being the mum she is am sure she’ll be on the top of the world!

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