New Ideas For Decorating Your Wedding Reception

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to decorating for your wedding and reception. There are as many design ideas as there are brides, and choosing creative elements for your wedding reception will make your big day stand out.

Your Venue

The venue that you choose for your wedding reception will play a big factor in your decoration and design ideas. Some wedding reception venues need little decoration to make them beautiful. Beaches, gardens and scenic mountains are all great venues that don’t require you to make a huge investment in decorations. If, however, your wedding venue needs a little help, try a few creative ideas to decorate your reception hall.


Adding lighting can totally transform the mood of a room. Bright lights, including sunlight, can leave your wedding venue awash in bright color, highlighting every detail. To take advantage of natural light, schedule your ceremony and reception at the brightest part of the day. Open windows and use sheer window coverings. Bright lights are great for accenting your dress, floral arrangements and accessories.

For a subdued, mellow atmosphere, go with low lighting. Decorate your reception hall with candles or soft yellow lights. Low lighting is best for evening receptions and tent weddings.Dim lighting is romantic and can hide flaws. Flameless candles and luminaries are great lighting accents for your reception.


No wedding is complete without flowers. Flowers are one of the most versatile design elements that you can use during your ceremony and reception. Pomanders, kissing balls and wreaths are beautiful accents that can be used for both your wedding ceremony and reception. If you are planning a church wedding around a holiday such as Easter or Christmas, you may be able to use the flowers that are already decorating the church.

Natural Decor Elements

Manzanita branches are excellent for creating crystal wedding trees. Use these rigid branches to hang sparkling crystals that will get your guests talking. Seashells can be used to decorate a beach-themed wedding. Use pine cones and bark for an outdoor, autumn themed wedding.

When it comes to new ideas for decorating your wedding reception, the sky is the limit. Use lighting and natural elements to create a landscape of beauty that your guests won’t forget. Don’t feel limited by your wedding reception venue when it comes to decorating. Whether your reception is at a traditional wedding hall or is an intimate backyard gathering, you can wow your guests with creative decor.

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