• Friedrichsen Greer posted an update 6 days, 12 hours ago

    Covid-19 Pandemic is showing its aggression on daily basis, more victims more casualties more death and much more fear globally. Spread Blood PPE is multiply every single day, even death tolls are increased but some of the nations have to hide the specific figures of deceased persons, the purpose of this writing would be to identify why that tool as a significant indicator isn’t very correctly mentioned around the world.

    There may be Level D Suits for this, what I have observed are as follows.

    Economic Crises:

    The current war is merely to strength economically and unfortunately this pandemic disease starts from china and first reach to the strong countries such as for example USA, UK, Spain, and EUROPE, they have strong health system but this crisis has locked down them and halt for weeks, those that were having strong economic growth their systems may also be shivering and it’s Shrinked.

    They have large numbers of death tolls, to regulate and stable economic crises and to decrease the fear of corona from people they show an inferior amount of death and increase is number of recovered people but do you think it’s justified to hide the actual number? Hiding fact is never be so cool and ethically considered.

    Health Care System:

    Lots of the Hospitals and Health care system are not trained nor created to handle sick and coronoid patients, due to fear of spread to their system and affect others, those who can accommodate sick patients they have less resources because they need isolation area to separate one from another which require huge place, temporary hospitals built, town halls along with other areas convert into hospital setup, that is not enough to cater the big numbers.

    Gamma Radiation :

    Healthcare workers have a biggest issue to possess PPE, Mask, and Sanitizer, glasses, isolation kit and other PPE. The production is the biggest issue, each country needs them, the demand is quite high against the productivity, a lot of the countries, flight operations are also halt to minimize the spread, this PPE issue also a fear for Doctors, Nurses, along with other paramedics to work in the health system, as this deadly disease already affect healthcare workers and eaten many life’s of the healthcare heroes. We must keep supply the PPE to our health care heroes to allow them to fight against this pandemic disease.