Lessons Learned in My Garden

Gardening is not something that is new to me; however, it had been more than a dozen or so years since my last one. When stopping to ask myself why it had been so long it dawned on me that I just didn’t seem to take the time. I would like to tell you that it was because I didn’t have the time but it was clearly a choice.

Gardening is not just about what you plant and grow and feeding yourself and others. It is about life itself. More exact, about the cycle of life we all find ourselves in. In my younger days I never thought about gardening that way but there’s something about tilling the dirt, planting, growing and reaping and the battles that ensue along the way that is very familiar in other places.

I have fond memories from my childhood of being on my grandfather’s farm and watching men and women work from sunup to sunset as they sweat for hours on end in the West Texas hot summer sun. Sometimes we were fortunate to work beside them and we learned quickly what hard work is. I still marvel at those who continue to work this way. It was a good lesson for me and my brother and it feels good to be back outside working hard toward a purpose; even if it’s only for fresh vegetables throughout the year.

There is nothing like working outside in the dirt. What you learn by doing is so much more profound than from reading it in a book or watching. Knowing what each plant needs from you at any given time and that you can satisfy it with a little water or food is amazing. Caring for plants will teach you how to care for the world.

It’s also one of those things that you can do on a year round basis if you choose to invest in a garden greenhouse kit or cold frame of some sort. In the scheme of things they are quite reasonable for what you get in return. Since the world has gone a bit crazy lately, it makes since to be able to feed yourself and your family if the need arises.

I am always on the side of action when it comes to taking care of ones self and ones family. This is one thing we all can do to better our lives and the world in general. Relying on our government or anyone else for our food source seems a bit nave. On top of this, what you learn from growing your own is priceless and no one can ever take that knowledge away from you.

Small home garden greenhouses make great family projects so you can grow into a large garden greenhouse and grow your own food year round.

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