Once the homeowner has made the decision to remodel the kitchen there are several areas that need consideration. The kitchen is a wonderful room in the home. This is where family meals are prepared and members of the household spend time together by eating, relaxing and talking to one another. This is also an area of the home for entertaining friends. While considering the importance of the kitchen now is the time to take a look and decide; what will stay and what will go.

Start by taking a full inventory of the kitchen. There may be items that are no longer functional or there may be items that are no longer appealing. Making a list of these items is the first step in giving the homeowner a understanding of where to begin the remodeling process

If the homeowner feels that the kitchen space is limited then giving consideration to creating a more open larger one would be to their benefit. If there is an adjacent room and the wall can come down then this would be an excellent way to increase the area of the kitchen. The benefit to a larger kitchen is that it provides added space for everyday use. When expanding the kitchen keep the appliances in mind, by creating the more open kitchen the possibilities are endless.

Precious space is taken up by small appliances on the countertops. The solution for this problem is easy. Almost all small appliances are available for under the cabinets. The benefit of this is that by replacing the items on the countertops the homeowner will increase the countertop space for meal preparation and even for adding to the decor of the room.

Most kitchens of today are open, airy and have increased lighting. Check to make sure that the lighting is bright and beneficial to the person preparing meals. The homeowner will certainly enjoy a more open functional kitchen to not only for daily use but for entertaining as well.

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