Gardening Is Still Popular As A Hobby In The Modern Day

Uttering the words “gardening” and “hobby” tends to conjure up different images and ideas, from potted plants, well-kept lawns and landscaped gardens to full blown allotments – it might, depending on your outlook, even evoke images of well-known TV programmes with Alan Tichmarsh and Charlie Dimmock and even those with Arthur Fowler in them. That said, gardening is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. But what are the benefits?

Firstly, we tend to lead very busy lifestyles where home comforts are precious commodities. That’s fair enough, but more people are turning to gardening as a hobby, and seeing that is it in fact an enjoyable pastime which gives a good return on an investment – be it emotional one, a financial one (gardening needn’t be an expensive hobby, as some people suggest), a physical one (maintaining and planting your garden) – to the practical, such as vegetable growing.

That said, gardening does one other thing that you probably didn’t think you needed, but which may sound like such an obvious benefit – it’s a healthy, relaxing pastime. Yet, while getting out of the house to do anything other than indulge is healthy, gardening is a great way to supplement exercise and keep you nimble (bending down/crouching/stretching, et al), as well as a proven way of relaxing.

When you first take up gardening as a hobby, you should begin with plants and flowers that are easy to maintain and grow. You can move on from this as you develop and learn about plants and how they respond to certain conditions. Trying to do too much, such as plant fauna that is over-complicated to maintain or plant, too soon might put you off if it gets difficult, so make sure to take slow steps at first and find your key areas of interest.

This said, there is a true joy in seeing something you have nurtured and invested your time (and money) in, grow to form part of a larger project – and one that could even help increase the value to your home.

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