Foodie Adventures | On the Town in the Palm Beaches Full Episode

In this episode, Frank let’s his appetite be our tour guide – and for good reason – the Palm Beaches takes the cake when it comes to quality, hand-crafted eats.

He’ll dine in the great outdoors with ingredients picked hours before dinner, he’ll brave a bee suit, and he’ll hit the assembly line where they’re keeping century old chocolate-making traditions alive.

Grab a fork and join us on this foodie adventure as we go On the Town in the Palm Beaches!

1. Swank Table Events –

2. Bee Healthy Honey Farms –

3. Serenity Garden Tea House –

4. Havana Restaurant –

5. Hoffman’s Chocolates –

6. Palm Beach Food and Wine Fest –

7. Cholo Soy Cocina –

8. Heritage Hen Milkman Deliveries –

9. Jamerican Cuisine –

10. Matty’s Gelato Factory –

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  1. Jessen St. Hilaire on September 22, 2020 at 12:06 am

    Please keep these episodes coming. Thank goodness for PBS

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