Are you a self-proclaimed decor snob who is looking for a new home accessory that will make your neighbors jealous? I know there are many of you out there, and I’ve got just the right decor accessory for you. It is called a fire table.

You already know about fireplaces and fire pits, so if you want to branch out and chose a fiery decor piece that everyone will talk about you must look into fire tables. There is a whole new world of fire-based furnishing that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Fire tables were once only available to anyone willing to pay a high price–hotels, restaurants, lounges–but now there are affordable options for every homeowner.

Fire tables are truly unique because they offer a versatility of design that fire pits and fireplaces do not. There are many fire table retailers who have custom design options as well. You can mix and match table materials, base designs, and flame patterns to create a table that directly reflects your taste.

They add a super chic and modern touch to homes and can be used in- or outdoors. Many of the indoor options serve as faux-coffee tables that are starting to replace traditional fireplaces. Outdoor fire tables come in many designs and makes. You can also find incredibly cool flame pattern designs. There are many fire tables with glass top surfaces that have cut patterns from which the fire flames out. Some of the flame pattern designs that are currently available include peace signs, flowers, and martini glasses.

An extra accessory that will make your fire table pop is fire glass. It is beginning to replace fire logs in many homes because it is a clean, odorless, safe, eco-friendly alternative to traditional logs. You will no longer have to deal with debris or noxious odors. Plus, the glass is tempered and can withstand extremely high temperatures so it will never melt or discolor.

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