Exterior Canopies Help Shelter Garden And Patio Parties

During the summer time people often hold events outdoors in the yard, on a patio or near a beautiful home garden. This allows them to take advantage of good weather and fresh air, but also to accommodate a large number of people easily without having to squeeze them under the roof of the house.

However, even in the summer the weather sometimes turns bad. A summer storm or some spring sprinkles will ruin well thought-out plans. To obviate such problems, planners can save their parties with the use of an outdoor canopy. These outdoor shades will protect guests against rain and wind, but can also make the party a bit more private.

Canopies are really a fancy word for tents. They are usually composed of fabric stretched over a metal frame. There is always a fabric top or roof, but whether there are wall flaps or not depends on how much protection the party planner demands. Fabrics can be both natural or synthetic. Small cut-outs in the wall flaps serve as conduits for air and also a way for guests to look outside. Without flow of air, it can become quite stuffy.

For very small garden or outdoor events, sometimes a house-attached awning or freestanding awning is sufficient to shade the guests. But if the size exceeds ten or more people, it becomes very hard to fit them under an awning. Freestanding awnings solve part of the problem by providing a portable method of setting up a shade. Outdoor umbrellas are another possibility. But to really shade a lot of people at once, a canopy is probably the best option.

Purchasing an entire canopy can be problematic for two reasons. One, such products are quite pricey given that they are used only once or twice a year if the outdoor events are rare. Two, storage of a disassembled canopy is difficult without specialized storage space. The way around this problem is to rent one. Various party supply stores or outdoor furniture stores will carry a selection for rental.

A further problem is that consistent cleaning will be required to make sure the canopy remains presentable. Whether it’s in storage or whether it’s been used frequently, there will be dirt and other stains on the fabric. Cleaning is done with specialized solvents for both fabrics and synthetics. One can also use specific spray devices that are good for large areas like the massive fabrics of canopies. High efficiency cleaning can also be done by companies who take care of yard work and pool or outdoor supplies.

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