Attractive Typographic Bookshelves and Best Mac Accessories for a Perfect Balance Of the Online and Offline Worlds

A reader’s joy lies in a stunning bookshelf stuffed with books whereas a techie’s joy is in a Macbook. Today’s world hosts a lot of such wonderful people who have learned to balance both the online and offline worlds beautifully. There are techies who are ardent book lovers and vice versa. This post is dedicated for these amazing personalities which aims to highlight some of the most recent releases in the world of typographic bookshelves and Mac accessories. This is possibly one of the many gift ideas you could choose to make your techie cum bookworm friend feel overjoyed this Christmas. Let’s take a look at these incredible typographic bookshelves and best Mac accessories you could get for your friend or family members soon:
Five Stunning Typographic Bookshelves for the Bookworms

Typographic Bookshelf

Otherwise an ordinary bookshelf, it’s the interesting use of words which has taken this typographic bookshelf to a whole new level altogether. The intelligent use of words “Has Been Read” and “Will Be Read” makes you store your books depending on their reading status on this unique and well crafted shelf.

Modulo Electra Shelf

Arrange them in whichever way that pleases you, the arrows from the Modulo Electra Shelf looks extraordinarily beautiful when combined together. Comprising five birch plywood elements shaped as arrows, this is a modern shelf that can be arranged in several ways to keep all your goodreads in place.

ANITA Love Shelf From Quattria

This is a beautiful shelf which comes as a DIY kit that is entirely customizable and can be configured into whatever letters you want it to spell. Coming in a choice of three colors, this shelf made from thermoformed acrylic can be used both as a floor or wall shelf, whichever preferred.

ABC Bookcase

This has been manufactured from stained ash wood which is composed by open shelving square modules. The shelf takes you back in time to your ABC days with a stunning masterpiece in the form of a bookcase that looks more like an ethnic form of art.
Tarvo Wall Shelf

Those boring wall shelves can be gone forever once you decorate your indoor walls with the amazing Tarvo Wall Shelf. They portray the parallel divergence of straight lines in a fantastic way which ultimately works as a great solution for organizing your home decor items or books in place.
Best Mac Accessories For the Techie in You

Macbook Stickers By Steekly

Steekly is a collection of decals designed to personalize the Apple logo on your MacBook while maintaining its sleek and clean design. Personalize your MacBook with just a subtle touch of flair with these minimalistic MacBook decals.

BookArc for Mac Pro by Twelve South

Make the most out of your Mac Pro by storing it in this amazingly designed BookArc for Mac Pro by Twelve South. It’s a chrome stand that can cradle your Mac Pro in the horizontal position without compromising on its performance.

Flio – Ultra Portable Laptop Stand

Flio is an ultra thin, collapsible laptop stand that offers an ergonomic viewing height and keeps an angle for easy typing anywhere you go. It elevates the laptop significantly to a good viewing height, keeping your back straight and not making any compromise when it comes to easy typing.

Fit Macbook Pro Retina Sleeve

Slim, reduced and relaxed – this is the MacBook sleeve if you like to support the sleekness and edginess of your sharp MacBook Pro Retina. It offers an all around secure protection without being bulky.

Media Laptop Stand

Use it as a convenient stand for both your laptop or iPad, the Media Laptop Stand is designed to highlight the beauty of minimalism in your everyday life. The stand has been constructed of resilient ABS plastic with both a non-slip silicone top and base.

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