Art That’s Cookin’ in the Kitchen

While a kitchen seems like it should be one of the easiest rooms in the house to decorate, quite often it is one of the hardest spaces with which to deal. The problem seems to occur when trying to blend artwork with normal kitchen furnishings, and while combining these two decorating elements may not always be simple, there are many options for kitchen appropriate artwork. Of course personal taste and the style of the kitchen are probably the two most limiting factors in the selection process, but there is artwork that works for just about any kitchen decor and for just about any style or taste.

Method #1: Personal Style

Developing individual decorating style according to personal likes and dislikes is a wonderful way to find wall art that works well in a kitchen’s design. However, a problem can arise when personal taste and the kitchen’s existing decor are out of sync. When this disconnect occurs, it is important for a homeowner to edit their wall art selections to be in harmony with the kitchens furnishings. If a homeowner is true to their own personal taste, and they take care to make sure that it works well with their existing decor, then it does not matter what the current trend or style is, because the kitchen will reflect the homeowner and their style beautifully.

Method #2: Cost

Quite often the size of the decorating budget can be a limiting factor when it comes to selecting artwork for the kitchen’s walls. It always seems that the perfect wall art for a kitchen remodel will be completely out of the budget’s range, but there are always some good selections that are within the budget, and selecting the artwork that best fits the budget from a pool of art that the homeowner likes is not a bad way to settle on the final piece to use as a design accent in the kitchen.

Method #3: Blending In

Pick a piece of art that supports the room’s existing decor. This selection method works for choosing art for any room in the house, and by matching the artwork to the room’s decor, the artwork, while beautiful in its own right, will also fit seamlessly into the existing room and look fabulous in the process.

No Rules

There are no hard and fast rules for right and wrong ways to add wall art to a kitchen. Since the kitchen is at the center of a home, it is important for the homeowner to find styles and designs that they enjoy and that blend well with the kitchen’s existing decor. Bringing in artwork seen at a friend’s house or in a restaurant may not always translate well to a home kitchen, especially if the kitchen is a completely different style. Instead, a homeowner should look for art designs that they enjoy that would blend seamlessly in their existing kitchen and the overall look of their home.

When looking for ideas for new types of wall art to include in a kitchen, it is a good idea to bend the ear of an expert who may be able to offer some fresh ideas along with a new way to look at some of the artwork selections that are available. When listening to the expert, remember that their opinions are exactly that, their opinions. So they are offered for consideration, but personal taste should be the deciding factor.

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