The majority of property experts agree that the kitchen is the most important room in the house; it is the centre of family life and is the place where the most time is spent. It is understandable then that when putting a property on the market it is advisable to renovate the kitchen; this can mean a complete redesign but can also mean replacing the worktops, cupboards and door handles, all have worth as aesthetic additions. All of these additions are worthwhile as they will in effect help to sell a property, enticing buyers considerably.

As previously stated one of the options is to completely rip out the old kitchen and start again; this process however is extremely expensive and for many who are selling will simply not be an option. For those with a restricted budget it can be more advisable to replace the worktops and cupboard fascias. It is surprising how much difference can be made by simply adjusting these elements of a kitchen, with a conscientious and considered approach to replacing these elements it will be possible to create an attractive kitchen that has chic and style.

For those who feel that the replacement of cupboards and worktops will be too expensive still there is a budget option that can drastically reduce costs. This option is to sand back the old worktops and cupboard doors and then apply a fresh stain or even a lick of paint. This process is simple enough and with a small amount of hard work it is possible to completely change the style of a kitchen. For those looking for those natural style then clear stains will allow the wood to shine whilst creating a contemporary country kitchen style.

As well as the replacement and renovation of worktops and cupboards care should also be taken when choosing the handles for doors. It is amazing how much these little pieces of metal can make to a room. This is why taking time over the decision and only selecting handles that will fit with the current decor is advisable, for instance modern, brushed alloy handles are likely to look out of place in a classically styled country kitchen.

Another important consideration when redesigning a kitchen are the splash back areas surrounding the sink. In many kitchens these areas are constructed with tiles but once again replacing these can be an expensive and laborious process. For those looking for a cheaper alternative, a hardy piece of wood coated in a good quality waterproof paint can perform much the same role as tiling. Another alternative to tiling is to use terracotta slabs behind sink areas, it is amazing how the introduction of a little terracotta can create a kitchen that oozes Tuscan charm.

While all of this may sound like a great deal of effort and cost, it is still the more cost effective and affordable option of renovating a kitchen when attempting to sell a property. The choices of worktops out there is vast, from extremely costly granite and composite stones, to aluminium, steel and of course more natural materials such as wood. All have various benefits and downsides, while granite is solid and strong it is expensive, metal worktops are attractive and contemporary although they can be difficult to keep in pristine condition while wooden worktops, offering country charm and character do require a deal of maintenance. Ultimately however, worktops can transform a kitchen without the extortionate price of a complete refit.

The renovation of a kitchen for the purpose of pursuing property sales does not necessarily have to be an expensive process. There are a number of cost effective strategies that if employed can create a sublime kitchen at a fraction of the price.

Interior design specialist Thomas Pretty studies how renovating a kitchen through replacing worktops and cupboards can help sell a property.

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