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Planting a Container Flower Garden — Family Plot

Planting a Container Flower Garden — Family Plot Tonya Ashworth shows how to plant a container flower garden in a barrel. She shows how to arrange the plants for visual appeal using a tall central thriller plant, filler plants and spiller plants that hang over the side to break up the edge of the barrel.

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Designing my New Backyard!

Designing my New Backyard! I’m designing and decorating my new backyard! I even put a hot tub jacuzzi and a pool! GET OUR NEW MERCH HERE: My Dad’s gaming channel is Freddy: ► My Brother’s gaming channel is RonaldOMG: ►

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Inexpensive Outdoor Decor

Inexpensive Outdoor Decor Outdoor entertaining is in full swing. Home decor expert Karl Lohnes stopped by with how to incorporate three summer trends into your next soiree without breaking the bank.

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